Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels

Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels

Enlist the help of a cleaning professional in Austin, Round Rock & Georgetown, Texas

Just like the windows of your home, your solar panels are exposed to a lot of outdoor grime. Cut through it with the help of See Through Window Cleaning. Our cleaning specialists will ensure that you’re getting as much electricity as possible from your panels. We’ll carefully inspect them for obvious grime and buildup, and test them to see how well the system is performing. We’ll then wash your panels carefully to restore them to their full function!

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Maintain your solar panels' energy efficiency

If your Austin, Round Rock & Georgetown, TX home runs on solar power, you need to maintain your panels to keep it efficient. Dirty solar panels can lose up to 25% of their efficiency. See Through Window Cleaning will thoroughly wash your panels to make sure you are getting the full benefit of the sun’s power! Our team will eliminate:

• Pollution
• Dirt
• Dust
• Leaves
• Bird droppings

The surfaces of your solar panel will be spotless by the time we’re done cleaning them! Contact See Through Window Cleaning to learn more.